Drinking Craft Beers for the Community – Local Brewhouse That Gives Back

Your hard-earned dollars could be spent at any of the pubs or restaurants in Apollo Bay, but why not pick a venue that gives back to our local community?

We recently set up a Brewhouse Community Card to raise funds for our local clubs. For more information about the community card and to get involved, click here.

Over the years, we have also raised money through special events to donate to local organisations. From a monthly Trivia Night raising around $300 per night, to a New Year’s Eve party raising $3,500-4,000! 
We’ve also had some special gigs, including the popular rock group Localles, and we raised up to $2,500 per gig, donated to the CFA and other local clubs.
Businesses can make a huge difference in their community, which is why giving back is at the heart of everything we do. Our team’s dedication to serving the community goes far beyond the walls of our venue. Many of the team are involved with local organisations and are passionate about giving back. Whether it’s raising money for local groups, supporting the farms by using local produce or participating in local events, we’re proud to be one of the most active and distinguished members of the Apollo Bay community.
From the day the doors opened in 2015, it’s been the goal to serve fresh, delicious food and local Prickly Moses craft beers, in a warm, inviting, neighbourhood-focused atmosphere. But, the team has never been content to stop there. Over the past months, various events have been organised to give back to the community, and we are currently working on new ideas to encourage local customers to help raise money. We want to connect with the local customers on a deeper level. Local customers already care about our community and we want to nurture that passion by providing an outlet for giving back—raising money for their favourite local group while sipping their favourite local brew!
Get involved and find out what events are coming up at the Brewhouse by visiting our event page.