Top 8 Best Light Beer in Australia 2022

Beer drinkers are more relaxed than wine-lovers. But many of us worry about developing that famous beer belly. That’s probably why light beers are some of Australia’s most popular beers. Generally, light beer contains less than 110 calories and less than 5g of added sugar. Now the question is… What is the best light beer in Australia?

There are many light beers to enjoy without having to worry about your diet. Have a few light ones, and you can still enjoy your favourite chips or snacks while sipping by the fire or in the sun.

Let’s now explore the top light beers available in Australia. We only recommend craft beers from Australian Independent Breweries, because we love supporting the small guys. This is an essential list if you want the buzz but not the belly!

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The Best Tasting Light Beer in Australia

1. Prickly Moses Otway Light

Our favourite pick! Prickly Moses Brewery is located in the Otways and brews a delicious light beer. It’s their best selling beer and it even won a bronze medal in the AIBA Awards in 2021. The light ale has 2.9% ABV but with all the malted barley flavours and characters that you would expect from a full-bodied, full-strength beer.
ABV: 2.9%
Price: $80/case (24 cans)

You can buy a case of Prickly Moses Otway Light HERE.

2. Better Beer Middy

Middy is the new can on the block: it’s the perfect mid-strength beer to quench your thirst after a hard day’s work. With only 3% per can, now every day can be a Day For It. You’re welcome.
ABV: 3%


3. Bridge Road Brewers Little Bling IPA

Little Bling IPA is a lower ABV beer, but it has almost the same flavour as its stronger cousin, Bling IPA. This semi-dark beer has a delicate balance of hop bitterness, malt taste and is one of the better low-carb beers Australia has to offer. Bridge Road, you did well.
ABV: 3.4%
Price: $59/case (16 cans)


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5. Prickly Moses Mid Strength

Another one from Prickly Moses! Not as light as the Otway Light, but although called a “mid strength”, it still falls under the “light” category with an ABV of 3.4%.
This beer is also the latest addition to their Prickly Moses core range. It’s a crisp, full flavoured beer brewed using clear, fresh rainwater from the Otway rainforest. Light bodied with soft bready notes, low bitterness and a slight floral flavour and aroma.
ABV: 3.4%
Price: $89/case (24 cans)


5. Colonial Brewing Co. Small Ale

One of Australia’s top breweries produces one of Australia’s finest mid-strength beers. Colonial is the name of that brewery. It started as a small operation in Western Australia and moved to Port Melbourne. Colonial used its popular IPA to create the Small Ale. However, it made some tweaks to the alcohol level. You get citrus and caramel notes, along with soft hoppy bitterness.
ABV: 3.5%
Price: $70/case (24 cans)


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6. Young Henrys Stayer Mid

Young Henrys, a Sydney-based brewery, does our city proud. Stayer Mid is a light craft beer with high quality. You can expect a golden colour, soft, fruity aroma, a hop-forward taste and a slightly bitter finish. Look no further if you are looking for one of the finest mid-strength beers in Australia or anywhere else. Young Henrys may be the best beer in Australia.
ABV: 3.5%
Price: $66/case (24 cans)


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7. Stone & Wood Garden Ale

Stone & Wood won the Champion Large Australian Brewery award at the Australian International Beer Awards 2017. The brand’s highly-popular Pacific Ale is a major reason, but the mid-strength Garden Ale proves to be just as popular. The blend of crystal and pale malts allows for citrus aromas and a refreshingly clean taste.
ABV: 3.5%
Price: $52/case (16 cans)

8. Heaps Normal Quiet XPA

What’s normal these days? This particular Extra Pale Ale from Heaps Normal Brewery is just like any other Extra Pale Ale. Joking, it’s not if you consider its ultra-low alcohol content. Despite not having much alcohol, the Quiet XPA is full of tropical and citrus aromas. It’s completely unfiltered and has a balanced bitterness and subtle malt sweetness. It tastes just like old-fashioned times.
ABV: 0.5%
Price: $62/case (24 cans)


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Our top pick is definitely Prickly Moses’ Otway Light, and this is also the best selling beer of the Prickly Moses craft brewery! But in saying that, all beers on this list are worth a try! If you pass by the Great Ocean Road Brewhouse in Apollo Bay,  you can give all these beauties a try.

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